If you want me
take me
Don’t ask
Don’t negotiate
Take me by force
Take me completely
Without compromise, warning or escape
But take me completely
With all your heart
Or do not take me at all

Tear me apart
on a daily basis
with determination and purpose
A single piece at a time
Then, gradually
Resolutely and by design
Rebuild my entire world
To your exacting specification
With you at it’s core

Take an unfettered journey within yourself
Relish exploring the dark pathways
The unlit recesses that we pretend to ignore
Pass through the boundaries society says we should not cross
Embrace each step without guilt or abandon
In the knowledge that I will follow you
Without question
Wherever you choose to walk
Regardless of where your route may take us
Powerless to affect
Wherever your ultimate destination may be

And along the way
If you find the terrain difficult to negotiate
If you stumble or hesitate
To be cruel, distant, aloof, selfish, harsh or unkind
Stop for a moment
And remember
You are doing this because you love me
And because I worship you
With every last ache of my soul
My Mistress.